From passion straight to obsession. From the love of capturing the beautiful light through a lens to be shaped into a true copy of reality, sometimes perfect and sometimes full of mystery, of storytelling suspense or through a dramatic and desaturated representation of my vision.

I always had a hidden passion towards photography but until recently it started to grow inside me after buying a used Minolta 5D Maxxum from a second-hand market. After that, I went outside every day and start shooting different subjects, an activity that made me love photography and all that represents. I have never been the guy that spends a lot of time in nature and this new passion of mine, this obsession of looking and scouting after new compositions and details in nature, made me go outside, no matter the weather conditions. This sense of loneliness when you are on a remote lake or the calmness and peacefulness when you are looking at a waterfall hitting the bedrock beneath it, makes me feel so happy and relaxed... exalted.



As I've said before, I am addicted and it's the only, new and the most powerful hobby that keeps me motivated and positive about my future. This style of life called Photography, made me see the world from a different perspective, and how the light interacts with objects, mountains and how the landscape is changing after every hour passed. I am trying to go outside as often as possible to enjoy the time being alone, to be intimate with my thoughts and to feel a bit...lonely. I have always been introverted and I feel like through images I can express my vision, my perception about the environment, and how I feel at that moment of capturing one image through my perspective.

At this moment in time, I am trying to do anything it takes to improve my technique by attending photography courses and workshops and by learning from the renowned photographers by putting in practice every advice that I find useful for me. I started doing portrait photography for free just to chisel my skills, architectural photography as a freelancer and going after events photographer as well to fill my free time and to get better every day in any field of photography.

Personal Life

I live in Austria after I moved from Romania and I am going through a hard time finding the job that makes me happy and stressfree.

Right now I am working as a concrete truck driver, a job that makes me feel pity about me and makes me depressed since I consider myself a highly creative individual who loved drawing, painting, making 3d plans, making music and now...taking photography. It is hard to be a foreigner in a country where you are struggling learning the language and to get along with all the legislation aspects of it. The greatest motivation I have is my beautiful wife and my amazing daughter. Both of them keeps me running towards achieving my dream and to be optimistic, to overcome every doubt about me and to embrace life by enjoying every moment and every small disappointment that has to offer because, in the end, this means living and it is damn beautiful.